Critical Issues Studio is a hybrid seminar / studio course in the GD department at RISD. The course takes a survey of urgent critical conversations in the field of graphic design, and explores ways of engaging these conversations through visual practice. In the seminar element of the course, students examine the critical lenses that shape GD discourse, explore design’s relationship to structures of power, and look at the various strategies designers have proposed for interrogating these structures. In the studio element, students develop and publish self-directed bodies of research — showcased here — that engage a topic in contemporary design discourse.

Tiger Dingsun — Chimeric Worlding
Madeleine Teh — Fanmail
Nina Yuchi — Asian Futurism
Libby Marrs — Post-Authentic Sincerity
Lauren O'Brien — Virtuous Greenwashing
Minjun Choi — Stereo-typing
Ryan Kang — On Cute
Cathy Park — Visual Political Futures
Julie Alter — [Peace Sign] [Heart] [Smiley]